Friday, February 26, 2016

An Open Letter to Kashmiris

An open letter to Kashmiris.
Dear Kashmiri brothers and sisters. It pains me to hear time and again that Kashmir wants independence. But at the same time a question also flashes in my mind that which Kashmir wants independence and from whom. The state of Jammu and Kashmir consists of mainly three major regions ie,. Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir.
I served in Ladakh from 1982 to 1984 and was posted in an area called Turtuk which was recaptured by Indian Army from Pakistani occupation in 1971 war. Let me share it with you that everytime i traveled to climb to my company posts located at average altitude of 17000 ft the villagers along the way would come out of thier houses and would wave at us like we were some filmy heroes. When i asked the village head of one such village the reason for this he replied "saheb aap toh hamare liye khuda ki tarah ho. Aap na sirf hamaree zameen ki hifazat kar rahe ho balki aap hamein ration aur dawanyeeaan bhee muhaiyeea karvate ho lekin unnis sau ikkattar se pehle jab ye area Pakistan ke under tha toh yahaan pakistani fauji afsar kabhee kabhee ate the aur hamari sunder bahu betiyaan utha kar le jate they" (Saheb you are like God to us who not only were defending our homeland but also provide us ration and medicines. But prior to the year Nineteen Hundred and Seventy One when this area was under the occupation of Pakistan, their officers would come sometimes and would take away our beautiful daughters and daughters in law). I would request some of you to kindly go to those villages and ask them that do they want independence. You may find some old men and women there who would corroborate what i have said.

And dear brothers and sisters if you say that only the Kashmir valley wants independence then please understand that this valley also belongs to other Kashmiris who have been displaced from their homeland and who have their land and property there. Please bring them back to the valley and ask them that whether they want independence.
From whom do you want independence? If your intention is to join Pakistan then some of you may please visit the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and see the plight of Kashmiris living there.
If you say that you want to remain independent of both India and Pakistan, then please be informed that such a mistake was commited in 1947 by the erstwhile ruler Maharaja Hari Singh. Within days of the state declaring independence the Pakistani Army backed men had stormed the valley and raped any woman coming their way. Their very lust for women had delayed thier onslaught and had saved the valley as by then the Indian Army had come to the rescue of Kashmiris. And ever since the Indian Army has been deployed there.
But sad to say that you have made villain out of the Indian Army who are protecting your land day and night from foreign infiltrators. Recently you have pelted stones on the Indian Army commandos in Pampore who were fighting to flush out the terrorists from one of your buildings. Had it been some other Army they would have eliminated the stone pelters before killing the terrorists.
Once again let me share with you that in 1987 I was posted in the Uri area and I had traveled by a civil bus from Uri to Srinagar chatting with fellow passengers to proceed on leave. The atmosphere was absolutely normal then.
So you suddenly woke up to attain independence somewhere in 1990 when actually the Pakistan backed militancy in Punjab had failed and thier focus shifted to Kashmir to attempt to avenge the defeat of 1971 war.
Please wake up to the fact that The State of J&K has been acceded to India by its former ruler like many other erstwhile states and is inseparable part of India and if there would be any change in the existing boundaries then it would be only after the recapture of Pakistani occupied Kashmir.