Monday, November 28, 2005


Recently I got my sofa upholstery changed. I contacted a furniture shop in near by market in Calcutta. The shopkeeper noted down my name and address. The very next day a man was at my doorsteps who offered to take up the job of fixing new upholstery on the sofas. After fixing up the rates etc., he turned up the next day with the material and resumed his work. He completed the job in record time and did it to my utmost satisfaction. I had paid him some advance and when I paid the balance he fell at my feet. He hugged my lower legs with his arms and burst into tears. I was shocked to see such behaviour from a man who had great skill. On asking the reason for his crying he told me that he did not have a job and that he had not eaten a proper meal in past many days. He begged of me to get him some job. I was not in a position to offer him any job and I promised him that whenever some one known to me would require such kind of service I will certainly recommend his name. It is really a sad state of affairs that such a skilled worker is compelled to go without a suare meal because of unemployment.


Chugh said...

Dear Balli,

Nice to read al yr three articles. Quite good - not only contextually but also in the Queen's words. More importantly, it was nice to note yr keen sense of observance and yr sympathy for the hard working.

Balli said...

Thank you Sir, just a small effort to keep my old habit of writing alive and of course to keep in touch with friends.

P.E.Thomas Panicker said...

Simply fantastic. Keep the good work and intersting articles going.


Balli said...

Thank you Tom

Anonymous said...

uncle u r too good as an uncle.2 day i have been able to go through some parts of ur blog and amazed to find a new talented author disguised infront of us as my "Singh Uncle".Ur writting is too good to be complimented by words.PLz keep up the spirit and carry on with ur work .

Indian Home Maker said...

Sad. I once employed an old woman as domestic maid who said she used to pass by everyday and ask other maids who worked in the area, if they knew of someone looking for a maid, she kept asking for months before she got this job.
There were countless jobs available but she did not know who to approach.
This story made me really sad.