Thursday, May 11, 2006

Big or Small

Yesterday one of my assistants came to me with a complaint that all the staff working under him do not produce the same result in their day-to-day work. I told him that all the fingers in the hand are not equal so he should handle each one according to his/her capabilities. As I was speaking this sentence I had raised my hand to show him the five fingers and after he had gone I was still looking at my raised palm. As I unintentionally folded my hand with all the fingers joined together I noticed that though they were not equal in length yet the fingers promptly came together and made a bowl giving the impression that their length was absolutely as per the requirement. As I further bent the fingers I noticed that all the four fingers made a fist with the edges of the nails and the knuckles aligned in a straight line. I imagined that if our fingers were of equal length we would never have been able to grip any thing properly and also we would have never made a proper fist.

This is also true to the real life. All of us are not endowed with equal talent. There are certainly some qualities in some, which are missing in others. This reminds me of a very interesting story which was doing the rounds on the net a few days back. A merchant used to take some articles from his village to sell in the market. These were filled in two containers loaded on a camel’s back with each container hanging on either side. On his way back he would fill the containers with water which was scarce in his own village. One of the two containers was old and worn out and had a few small holes in its bottom and therefore some amount of water would invariably leak out on the way. After some time people going that way noticed that beautiful plants had come up all along the narrow barren path. They wondered as to how was that possible when there was no one to water and take care of them. They did not know that the merchant who used to bring back the water in his two containers had sown these plants all along the way on the side on which the broken container was loaded on the camel’s back. Since he knew that he could not change the worn out container, he made full use of it by watering the plants on his way back from the market.

We all are cracked containers having some weakness or the other. We are the small pieces who go on to fill the Big Puzzle. The pieces have to adjust to the dimensions of each other to make the puzzle complete. So let us work in harmony and work for the betterment of the mankind without feeling big or small.

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Vikas said...

Really thought provoking. Keep it up, Balli.