Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Wishes

About ten years back I could never think of diverting the same card that I received from some of my friends on New year, Diwali or any other such festival to another one by just rubbing off ink where the name of the sender was written and putting my own in that place. We do that now with e-cards and call it mail forward. In fact those days our cards were our precious possessions which were kept displayed for a few days or weeks and were preserved subsequently for a few months after the event. I used to display them according to their get up, ie., the official ones in my office, which mostly included the cards from my Army friends carrying formation signs or insignias of various military units and establishments. These went with office décor. The cards which came from civilian friends were more colourful and carried different types of pictures and prints. Those generally found place in our drawing room, on the corner tables, side boards, bookshelf tops etc and if the number was more then they were perched on top of the pelmets too. Some of them were so unique and rich in design and print that I have kept them as collection items. With the advent of Internet and mobile phones, the number of cards that we receive now has depleted considerably but the wishing has not stopped. Rather in some cases it has increased threefold i.e., to the same person we wish first by SMS, next by Internet and finally by telephone or in person, depending on his/her location. So here I am using the Internet mode to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.


Maj S S Aimol, RBI, ghy said...

Dear Sir,

Wish you a very very Happy New Year.

Sir, I really enjoy the writings in your blog. Your flair and interest in jotting down your thoughts is a blessing to many. I see your blog regularly.

May the New Year bring you lots of blessings.

Balvinder Singh said...

Thank you Maj Aimol. Sorry for the late acknowledgement. I was on a tour to South India from 7th to 20th so opened the net today only.

Thanks for the wishes and also for the compliments on my Blog.