Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Rejoinder to a Pakistani

On my previous post, a comment was left by one ' Luscious One' supposedly a Pakistani national. I had given a befitting reply to that, not only on my blog, but also on one of her latest blog posts as i believe in hot pursuit. One Mr. Mustafa did not like my comments there and posted another nasty comment addressed to me on her blog post. This post is a reply to Mr. Mustafa's comment. I am posting it here for the benefit of my blogger friends.

Dear Mr. Mustafa, while we Indians have won a number of battles and wars, it is but natural for us to celebrate our victories as well as warn our adversaries not to mess with our Army and
my post had precisely done that.

Frankly speaking, Mr. Mustafa, the very foundation of Pakistan is HATE and only HATE. There was no logic behind the division of India in 1947 on the basis of religion because number of Muslims left behind in India was more than the sum total of Muslims of West and East Pakistan. But Pakistan could not sustain even that and your country got further divided, giving birth to Bangladesh. And it is your sheer misconception that India engineered the division of East and West Pakistan. It was due to the oppression of Bengali Muslims of east Pakistan over a long period of time, that they had to take up arms against West Pakistan and you had to loose them.

No country can cause the division of any other country if its people are united. You have tried it with Punjab in 1980s and now are doing it with Kashmir since 1990. Let us see how successful you get. Kashmiris have gone to elections this month as a mark of deep roots of Indian democracy, whereas Pakistan is still on the path of fragmenting into further smaller pieces. And for God's sake please teach the correct history to your children otherwise they will curse you for misleading them. What Pakistan is teaching to its kids is evident from the following link

I have served in the areas in Ladakh which were captured back from Pakistan's occupation in the 1971 war. The villagers around in that area used to respect the Indian Army personnel as gods, because they said that while they were under the administrative control of Pakistan till 1971, the Pakistan Army men would come to these villages only to take away their daughters and sisters, whereas the Indian Army was distributing medicines, rations and other essential items, which were not available there.

You can read these sentiments in the blogpost of a level headed Pakistani here.

You have said in your comments that we Indians are insecure. Yes Mr. Mustafa, we are feeling unsafe and insecure because some dangerous wild animals have been let loose from the neighbouring jungle. That jungle has to be purged of such animals urgently, otherwise these animals may become a threat to the very existence of that jungle (Pakistan) only.

Mr. Mustafa, it is a fact that Pakistan was never satisfied with what they got in partition in 1947, so your Army and ISI keep leading your country into occasional misadventures, get hit hard, keep licking the wounds for days, months and years to come and then again invent some other misadventure. That is why you people have not been able to progress because your focus is not at right place. The only agenda of your successive governments (be they elected representatives or military dictators) is to create hate against India and then survive on that hate. The only industry that you run is terror industry which is funded from the money provided to you for developmental work and more recently for fighting terror by your mentors like 'Uncle Sam'.
After the Mumbai terror attack in which the Pakistani nationals were involved, there was an opportunity before your government to crack down on the terrorist camps which are run in your country. But your leaders raised the war bogey to divert the attention of the world from terror. Pakistan having doubts about the Mumbai terrorists operating from their soil can hear it from a Pakistani's mouth at this link

Despite all the troubles that India has been facing from the perpetrators of terror, we have reached the moon. You waste no time in copying India whenever we test a weapon system. Why didn't you copy us in sending your space craft to the Moon immediately after we did ??

Pakistan's President Mr. Zardari, in his speech on 26th December 2008, has agreed that his country is infested with cancer ( read terrorists). He further went on to say that he will take his own time in treating that cancer. Let me remind Mr. Zardari that cancer has different progressive stages and if not treated in its incipient stage, it is bound to go out of control and will become a terminal disease not only for his country but also for the humanity. It is high time that you cure yourself of that cancer, stop producing terrorists and live and let the whole world live in peace.

Now come on Pakistan, make that a New Year's Resolution.

Wish you a happy, sane and safe new year.


Renu said...

a very appropriate reply:)

Pinku said...

I didnt read the nasty remarks...didnt have the heart to get into it.

But I did read your post. Love the way you have explained things without becoming nasty yourself. Kudos to your self restraint.

As for the creation of Bangladesh...why doesnt Mr. Mustafa speak to a couple of Bangladeshi citizens and see what they have to say about Pakistan?

Mampi said...

I Refuse to go to the 'nasty comments' because it makes them take more and more popularity. At least I wont give them a hit on their blog.
Very well written-even if it is a reply.
Somehow I feel that the only solution to this problem is the dismantling of the wall-akin to the Berlin Wall. I Know I live in a Phool's paradise.

J P Joshi said...

"Frankly speaking, Mr. Mustafa, the very foundation of Pakistan is HATE and only HATE." I read Arif M. Khan's article in the Times of India about the books being taught in the schools in Pakistan. It is really shocking. Read the article here:

Class VII book "On Indo-Pak wars, the books give detailed descriptions and openly eulogize ‘jihad' and ‘shahadat' and urge students to become ‘mujahids' and martyrs and leave no room for future friendship and cordial relations with India".

In case this is true then we cannot hope for things to improve, and we have no way to change geography too. God help mankind in general and us in particular. They seem to be on a death wish. I do hope that this is not true.

Reflections said...

A very fitting reply to the people & country who refuse to see reason.

Here in Dubai....a Pakistani family lived bang opposite our flat & I have to tell u that my family shared a good relationship with them for more than 20 yrs.
They left to stay elsewhere 2 yrs back but never forget to share a part of their Idi[I thk thts wht its called] with us every year.

There are good, educated & cultured people in Pakistan who want PEACE & are quite apologetic for their countrymens' actions. Pity, they are just a few of them.

Good Post, Thank U!!!!!!

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

Blog Wars!

I guess this is one war our leaders arent afraid of and the Americans wont be here to stop.

Usha Pisharody said...

Well Said! Kudos for a fitting rejoinder; made with a cool head, and humane logic.

I just hope someone there, has the guts to treat the cancer before it swallows them whole... and causes secondary cancers elsewhere!

I particularly second the last line...
For a safe and sane New Year. May that happen!

Balvinder Singh said...

Thanks Renu

Pinku thanks, but I think Mr. Mustafa need not go all the way to Bangladesh. Any level headed Pakistani would know the real cause of the birth of Bangladesh.

Manpreet, thanks for the appropriate link sent in my mail. I have put it up in the post.
I don't know whether the wall will break or not, but before that the cancer will have to be removed by surgical operations.

Joshi thanks for the link , I have put it up on the post.

Nancy, you are right there are good Pakistanis too. My sister's family staying abroad have a Pakistani family as their friends who are gem of people.

Mr. Subramaniam, thanks for the visit. Yes this war is to call off the beluff that Pakistan is playing on the world.

Usha thanks, yes this war will have to be fought with a cool head.

Anonymous said...

India is winning in non-violence. Pakistan does not believe in it. It is running terrorists' camps to make India violent. India will never become violent.

Pakistan being an Islamic country, the religion is above everything. India being a democratic country, the democracy is above everything.

In the opinion of Pakistan, Indians may be double speaking and do not have a stand. In the opinion of an Indian the facts point that Pakistan is multi-directed while Pakistanis may talk straight.