Saturday, December 13, 2008

They Are Falling In Line

I read this heartening news on page six of Times of India, today. In my previous two posts, i have suggested to the immediate withdrawal of commandos looking after the VIPs and sending them for training to keep them fighting fit for meeting any eventuality, similar to the one happened in Mumbai last month. Reading the public mood all over the country, Haryana Government has done a small beginning, whereas, a lot more needs to be done in that direction. Our country does not have dearth of resources, except that they are wrongly placed. Haryana has taken the lead by withdrawing only 150 out 400 strong crack commando force looking after the VIP security. One of the MLAs of that state has agreed as quoted by the news paper that there is no need of commandos looking after the security of the politicians and other bureaucrats which has become a mere status symbol. Well done Haryana, I hope the others will follow.


How do we know said...

fantastic news!

Mampi said...

Wonderful news.

On a lighter note though, Haryana is a state where the Deputy CM Goes amiss suddenly, so they dont know what to do with his security, they feel they might as well withdraw it.
And feeling apprehensive that there might be a conversion and marriage spree in the rest of his cabinet colleagues, they are now going to resign to the public mood demanding the withdrawal of their security.

Balvinder Singh said...

Yeah a good news indeed but it has to sustain.

Manpreet, you know the irony is that all those security fellows walking behind the VIPs are not guarding them from any external forces, but they just stand guard as these guys enter some place, someone's house, hotel, etc and get busy in some shady activity. Poor Deputy CM got badly bitten by the love bug which took away his job too.

Renu said...

I also felt elated after this news, this is small begining in the right direction. Just hope more stateds follow this.

Mampi said...

You are a certified Honest Blogger now,
Hehehe, Not that we didnt know it.
Make it convenient to visit my blog please.

J P Joshi said...

A very welcome move is afoot. The new Home Minister, P Chidambaram, has refused additional security. Some others are likely to follow the Home Minister's stance.

Pinku said...

Hey even Dear Old Chidambaram has refused to be upgraded to Z security sticking to Y.... He was offered the upgrade for becoming the Home Minister since the threat perceptions went up.

I was born in Haryana....and have lived there most of my life...this bit of news therefore made me doubly proud :)

Usha Pisharody said...

Am late getting here :)

But yes, slowly it would seem that a sense of "conscience" is re visiting the heirarchy!

I hope that it sustains though!

Balvinder Singh said...

I only hope that the memories of Mumbai carnage remain fresh in the minds of our politicians. Normally things are forgotten after a brief rhetoric and symbolic gestures.

Thanks for the comments friends