Thursday, May 02, 2013

Contain the Dragon's Spit Fire

In view of recent developments on the Borders with China I am reproducing this post, written by me earlier.

Frankly speaking, nothing succeeds like success. China has not only succeeded in selling their cheap goods to the whole world but also the idea that they are the next superpower. They demonstrated it during the Beijing Olympics and again on their 60th National Day.

We cannot forget the Chinese invasion over India in 1962, which was the punishment meted out to us for having given refuge to the Dalai Lama and his Tibetan followers, who had come to India to seek asylum after Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959. Chinese aggression of India in 1962 resulted in India loosing a large chunk of its territory of Aksai Chin in Ladakh to China which is still under their occupation. China's claim on Aksai Chin and some other Indian territories is beyond any logic.

Take a closer look at the geographical features of the Indian sub continent, you will find that the map of India has been crafted by the Nature itself. The Indian peninsula is formed by a wall in the north consisting of a range of hills and mountains including the great Himalayas which rise from Karachi in the west, make an irregular arch over its northern borders and end near Burma in the east. The great River systems like the Indus, the five rivers of the Punjab, the Ganges and the Braham Putra in the north and Narmada, Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishana, Kaveri, and Tapti in the central and southern parts, irrigate this land, making it the most fertile and cultivable land in the world. The shores of the triangular peninsula are washed by three water bodies -- Bay of Bengal in the east, Arabian Sea in the west and the Indian Ocean in the south. There is no question of any other country claiming even an inch of territory inside this natural Indian domain. However, over a period of centuries various invaders and settlers have caused the demographic, political and administrative configuration of this land to change from time to time.

While the reason behind China's 1962 aggression still persists ie, the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans are still our guests, we are also following China close behind in making rapid economic progress, which must be further bugging them. That is the very reason that they keep making diplomatic noises at regular intervals, the volume of which has increased in the recent past. They also keep making occasional incursions into our territory to with an intention to make their presence felt, if not more. While they have silently nuilt Karakoram highway connecting Pakistani Occupied Kashmir with Aksai Chin and are supporting and funding the projects in the Pakistani Occupied Kashmir, they publicly object to the bunkers built by Indian Army on this side of the Line of Actua Control. In the past they have objected to the visit of our own Prime Minister to our own State of Arunachal Pradesh which is an integral part of India with a popular elected government in place. The voter turn out in the recent Assembly elections in Arunachal Pradesh was record 72%.

It is high time that we, on our part as Indians, end our in fights, pay heed to the red corridor of the naxalites, which may prove as a convenient passage to the 'Dragon' to come and spit fire at us again in times to come.

Having served in the area of Daulat Beg Oldi and Depsang plians during my Ladakh Scouts tenure back in early eighties, it pains me to learn that Chinese are sitting 19 kilometers inside our territory and we are doing sweet nothing about it.

We should stop indulging in critical appreciations and get down to 'Brass Tacks' NOW to contain the Spit Fire of the Dragon in its incipient stage itself.


Shobhaa De said...

so true! but i don't know when India will wake

BK Chowla said...

Balvinder,yes you are right.To succeed,we have to react,which we don't.
We fear the Chinese.We don't have a clear policy on China.We don't have an experienced Foreign Minister.Chinese are bound to use the Naxals against the state.Chinese will continue to support Pak.
Do we have even a one liner that tells as to what we intend doing?

J P Joshi said...

Yes Balwinder, China is our biggest strategic threat, and yet we seem to ignore this in our dealings with China, though our military has in the recent past taken certain very important steps to assert our rights on our territories in the North and North-East.

China speaks with one voice but India being a democracy, with our Communists in a time warp, and more pro-Chinese than Indian, speaks with many voices. Hope national interest will bring our people and politicians on one platform so that we can focus on this major national threat.

Antarman said...

I feel really frusy=trated with our soft stand on whether they are terrorists or other countries or even maoists)PM said he wont use military against them..i want to ask why? or till when)

sm said...

yes very true
but problem is we do not have any national policy regarding china.

Aparna said...

I do not know why we always remain mum when it comes to serious issues.Who are we scared of? I wish India would take a firmer stand on the Chinese policy.

Pinku said...


am here after a very long time.

Your post is informative and you are right we need to have an aggressive policy in place to ensure that the Chinese do not even think of occupying any more Indian land on the sly or otherwise.

But equally important is the development and bringing into the mainstream the border areas.

Its easy for the chinese to infiltrate and turn our people against us because of the abysmal condition in the areas.

Our IB and army guys still trek on foot for 5 days to reach their posts at the Arunachal Border and across the border on the Chinese side they see paved roads and lorries traveling regularly.

Isn't that enough to turn anyone's mind?

How do we know said...

ek dum perfect analysis, backed with the right arguments.. ek hi takleef hai.. no one at the right place is listening. :-)

Anonymous said...

Extremely informative post for me! I agree. Never really thought of us as 'no less' - somehow I did think China was a superpower, and 1962 does haunt our subconscious - after reading your post I feel it needn't.
I hope we 'contain the Spit Fire of the Dragon in its incipient stage itself'

Balvinder Singh said...

Shobhaa, yes the earlier we wake up the better it will be for the country.

Mr. Chowla and SM, who will form the policy ? our policy makers are busy either storing wealth for their coming generations or fighting amongst thmeselves.

JP, yes the Army is doing its bit but we are lacking in matching up with China's infrastructures that they have built up on the other side of LAC.

Antarman, I was also surprised at PM's statement saying that Army will not be used agaisnt naxalites. They are treating us like enemies, calling hostages as POWs and we still want to hug them.

Aparna, we are not scared of anything and our forces are quite capable of fighting any enemy now. We have come a long way from 1962. But our leaders are not united on many issues. Our left front still has soft corner for China.

Pinku, welcome after a long time. Yes most of our internal problem can be solved if our government concentrates on development of tribal areas.

HDWK, yes who will listen when there is so much of commotion in the corridors of power.

IHM, thanks. yes we should shed away our insecurities and speak to our greedy nieghbours from a position of strength

Anonymous said...

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Liju Philip said...

China will keep needling us in the future too. Unless there is a proper policy in place to tackle such issues, they will recur. When countries like Maldives thumb their nose at us, what is China?

Anonymous said...

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