Friday, November 20, 2009

Dedicated to Men

8th March is celebrated as International Women's Day. I had written a post on 4th March, 2006 which was dedicated to that special day. I had never heard of International Men's Day till I looked at my blogroll today and found IHM's post. International Men's Day had come and gone on the 19th November like any other day and i did not feel any different on this day. Did any one else do? No one made me feel special. So i on my part decided to dedicate a post to us blokes.
Cheer up men. Here it is :-
The big film hoarding stared down at me on a busy traffic island. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. No, there were no mistakes. It was there in bold letters . Last film by Amitabh Bhaduri, Dharmendra Malini and Rajesh Kapadia together. A multi starer. As I stopped to read the full details of the movie, a passer by, impressed by my bewildered gaze, suggested that I should not miss the film as it was the last one by the trio. On my asking, he explained that the three super stars had decided to quit movies as it was so desired by their wives and they would act as true house husbands thenceforth. However they could now and then be dropped at the handsomeness parlor or attend an occasional kitty party.
Before I could pinch myself in the arm to ensure that I was not dreaming , I heard some noise. A group of three four young men were beating a woman with their shoes. A spark of chivalry ran through me and as I prepared myself to leap to the rescue of the lady, I heard some one shouting, "hand her over to anti-adam-teasing-squad". People were discussing that she was a great maniser and often indulged in adam-teasing as a pass time. She was employed as a fore-woman in a nearby factory and her better half was working as a mid- husband in a nursing home.
By now I had forgotten the purpose of coming out on that bright Sunday morning. I bumped into a newspaper vendor and promptly handed him some coins in exchange of a newspaper. The headlines again glared at me, "Shri So and So elected as Rashtrapatni of our country. I quickly scanned through other news items. "Police had launched a woman hunt in search of a criminal who had shot down a station mistress of certain railway station". The business page carried items on 'woman management' for optimum use of 'woman hours'. A car company was continuously making efforts in improving the mare power of their new car and the sports page described how the new coach of our national team was trying hard to imbibe in the players the sportswoman spirit etc., etc.
And then I heard some one complaining that he could not find a gentleman doctor in that part of the market. Before I could ask him that whether the doctors that he found were behaving in un-gentlemanly fashion, I suddenly remembered the purpose of my coming out doors.
I had to visit my friend in a hospital. I rushed to the near by bus stop and boarded a bus. The bus was not much crowded but there were no vacant seats available. As I advanced forward through the aisle of the bus, a woman got up and offered seat to me. Before I could question her offer I saw an instruction written on the side wall of the bus. It said, "Please offer seat to men and children". I quietly occupied the vacated seat. After getting down at my destination I went straight to the hospital that I was to visit.
While looking for the ward where my friend was admitted I passed along a corridor where a patient was being wheeled out of the labour room and a nurse was holding a newborn baby. Every thing else was all right except, that, the person sitting in the wheel chair, wearing the patient's gown, was a young man with a pale face. The nurse was smiling and told me that he was the father of the newborn.
It was enough for me. I rushed towards the nearest person and asked him to pinch my arm. He obliged and I suddenly woke up with a start, panting and sweating.
Thank god, it was a dream.


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...


A HAPPY MEN'S everyone......

and thanks a lot..i too didn't knew about any such day.....but i too didn't felt that the day was any special than any other.....but the main thing is that....WE too have our day...cheers... :)

Balvinder Singh said...

Thanks CYNOSURE, yes with so many days being celebrated we also deserve our day. But i think don't we deserve some special treatment on this day :-))

Anonymous said...

Actually rashtrapatni is impossible, because 'patni' means a slave/daasi. How can the nation's slave lead a nation? Or perhaps that's the truest leader, the one who serves the nation and is owned by the nation :)

Also we seem to attribute gender to too many things, in my grandfather's opinion guitar, poetry, painting, music, cooking,tenderness, a preference for vegetarian food and dance were feminine, and hunting, horse-riding,athletics, driving, shooting, eating non-veg were masculine qualities. I feel all these (and many more)are all culture based and I would rather we Live and let Live.

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

interesting read,
have alaways resented women's day - like you have a day dedicated for the disabled and the challenged!

Renu said...

Even I didnt know that there is any men/s me all days are that:), as I cherish all the men in my H,bro and son.
LOved your take on the incidents:)

J P Joshi said...

Agree with Renu, and also your comment above.

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

I agree with u that we do need some special treatment on the day.....but the main point is that are we going to get that something special.....:P

BK Chowla said...

Frankly,this is the first time I ever heard of this day of good feeling.
Now I know what to look forward to next year in Nov.
And incidentally,the movie in question===was it Rajput?

Balvinder Singh said...

IHM, i don't think that patni means a slave. We have made it to mean like that. Yes words and terms have their own gender but the ones with feminine gender certainly don't mean inferior to the ones with masculine one. It is just a matter of perception i suppose.

KPJ, yes the days are celeberated to bring attention of all and sundary towards the one who is either lagging behind. And both men and women don't belong to that category. They both are equal. So why special days for them.

Well said Renu, men or women, we are there together 24 X 7 X 52.

JP yes Renu is very right.

CYNOSURE, you will get that special treatment very soon. I know there is someone who will give u that. :-))I have been getting it for last twenty six years now.

Mr. Chowla, no i do not know about any movie, but nice to hear it from you. It is just a hypothetical situation painted here which is depicted as a dream.

Pinku said...


Happy Men's Day!! a lil belated so do forgive.

your post was fun to read. :)

Balvinder Singh said...

Thanks, Pinku

Reflections said...

LOL that was a fun read Sirjeee;-D!!!!