Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome Back to Water

Life started in water.

If we put a little water in a container, undisturbed for a few days, we will find some organism breeding in it.

That is life.

Our life also started like that. We bred and lived in water first and then graduated to become amphibians and finally came out and started living on Earth's surface. Initially we lived as animals, walking on all fours, playing in the lap of Nature and gradually became erect and called ourselves human beings. Of course, the process took millions of years.

The Nature had put every thing in place for us to live comfortably. There was water, there was air, there was vegetation to sustain the oxygen that we inhaled and cleanse the carbon di oxide that we exhaled. The Earth had fertile soil to produce various foods for us. We had days for us to work and nights for taking rest. We also had different seasons.

The summers dried up some of the water from the oceans to form enough clouds, which would then float away in the sky to far off places and come down in the form of rain. This filled up our rivers, reservoirs and irrigated our crops. Then there were winters which ensured that there was enough snow on the mountains and ice on the glaciers to sustain the flow of water in the rivers all throughout the year. There were beautiful flora and fauna on the Earth which was called a 'paradise'.

We, the human beings were different from other animals as we were endowed with a very powerful organ called brain. With the help of our brain we made many discoveries and inventions to make ourselves more comfortable. We discovered fire to cook our food and to keep ourselves warm during nights and winters. We invented wheel for easy and quick movement and to transport our load from one place to the other. We invented wings to fly in the sky as well as space. We discovered radio waves for easy communication between far off places. We produced electricity to augment or replace fire and then we discovered nuclear energy to augment or replace electricity.

But, alas !!

We were not satisfied with all that. We wanted more comforts and modified the Nature for that purpose ruthlessly. We, dug up the earth, blasted the mountains, cut down the forests, opened up factories and manufactured plethora of goods for our comfort. We constructed concrete jungles and lived and worked in them. We emptied out the fossil fuel from the crest of the earth and burnt it recklessly and spewed the smoke and other poisonous gases up in the air. We also extracted plastic from that oil and threw it around carelessly after use which got mixed with the soil, choking and turning it infertile.

We artificially cooled our homes, offices, cars, shops and other places and threw out the hot and poisonous air into the atmosphere.

Instead of using our legs for movement even for short distances, we used the wheels running on the fossil fuel. This not only resulted in jamming our own limbs but also in clogging the roads and polluting the air that was required for us to breath.

Instead of working and enjoying during day and taking rest during nights, we extended our work and play into the night, driven by the greed to earn more money and the urge to enjoy more. For this we burnt electricity which we had produced either by burning coal, oil or by using the force of the flow of the river waters. This not only resulted into nights warming up against the design of the Nature but also disrupted our body clocks by our remaining awake during nights, thus ruining our health.

We invented religions, and divided the society on caste, class and cultural lines. We did not stop at that and killed each other in the name of God. We also produced weapons of mass destruction

We called it 'development', but actually it was 'destruction'. The more developed a part of civilisation was, the more destruction it had caused to the Nature and to the humankind. We had not only polluted our soil, air and water but also the space.

Slowly the contents of oxygen in the air started reducing and that of carbon -di-oxide (CO2) and other harmful gases started to increase.

We slowly found it more and more difficult to breath and suffered many ailments.

Over a period of time, the CO2 gave way to carbon monoxide. That resulted in spread of more diseases. Many unknown and incurable diseases started to spread.

Also as the atmosphere was gradually warming up, the snow and ice on the mountains and glaciers started melting, the ocean levels rose and the beautiful surface of the 'Paradise' got submerged in the water.

The Earth became a revolving ball of water.

That is it.

We are back where we belonged in the first place -- the water-- breathing with our gills instead of lungs.

We have become water animals again.

Now, while swimming around in the water world, we bump into those monstrous structures made of metal and concrete and tell our youngsters that once our ancestors lived in those and that they walked on their legs, had lungs and breathed air.
We swim over the objects which were called cars, buses, and other vehicles, found lined up for miles and miles together. We tell our young ones that these were called traffic jams. There are human skeletons inside those iron coffins which have turned black, perhaps, owing to the smoke pollution due to which they had died.
We also find human skeletons holding necks of each other as they died fighting one another in caste and civil wars or perhaps fighting for food, drinking water and other amenities as well as from epidemics and endemics.
Thus we find the signs of life which had existed on the surface of the Earth, many millenniums ago and also the signs of its ultimate destruction.
But thank God !! All that is a thing of past.
Here in the water world there is no pollution, no fights for food, no wars over religion, caste or class.
There is no race for development, hence no destruction taking place here .
Welcome back to the water world.


Balvinder Singh said...

testing comments posting

sm said...

excellent post.
greed is also reason.

Harpreet Kaur said...

Very nicely explained, good one

Balvinder Singh said...

Thank u SM,

Thank u Harpreet

That is the future of our beautiful earth

Madhu said...

Nice post. got me thinking...
But don't feel dejected. There is a reason why this is all happening.

While i totally agree with you about global warming etc, I do believe that there is more to it than just Global Warming. As much cliched as I sound, according to our Hindu Philosophy there are 4 yuga's (Era's); Krita, Treta, Dvapara and kali Yuga. We are right now in kali Yuga. According to Cosmology (Hindu), Universe is created and destroyed once every 4.1 to 8.2 billion years (one full day and night for Bhrahma).

Just like our 4 seasons, these cycles also keep repeating, completing a greater cycle. Earth and man kind undergo changes with every yuga....
Right now we are in the descending stage of kali yuga. This is the reason (coupled with our inhuman destruction of the nature) why you see everything going towards destruction. a bit philosophic mood today.

Balvinder Singh said...

Madhu, you are right by being philosophic. And thanks for vindicating me. But i think that the way we are destroying our Nature, we are going to add another 'yuga' after 'kalyuga'and that will be 'kaalyuga' before we actually enter 'satyuga' again. Thanks for the visit after a long time. I tried accessing your blog many times but could not. i will try again now.

Madhu said...

Kaalyug? Balvinder, can you please suggest where I can find more information about this? Just curious...I didn't know about this, believe me.

Balvinder Singh said...

Madhu, no, you will not find any information about "kaalyuga" anywhere because it is just my imagination, the yug of Kaal -- Death-- the way we are destroying our surroundings the era of death and destruction is nothing but inevitable.

In fact this post is to drive home the point that if we want to avoid the irreparable damage to our Earth then we better mend our ways.

At the drop of the hat we switch on the air conditioners, drive away petrol driven vehicles, tear off sheaths of paper, cut down trees, throw away plastic etc etc.

Though it is heartening to know that some countries have taken the lead by extensively using bicycles instead of cars, solar power instead of electricity, having paperless offices and so on. But there is a long way to go.

indyeahforever said...

just wanted to drop in and wish you sir..Merry Christmas ans best wishes for the year ahead for you and yours:):)

Balvinder Singh said...

Thanks a lot Abhilasha, and i wish u the same. Yes we are all missing u in the blog world. I was really wondering that why u are not blogging that too after getting that status of a celebrity blogger:-))