Saturday, August 13, 2011

Two Dominions Were Born

Published below is an image of a newspaper clipping dated 15th August 1947, the day when India got independence. The headlines of the newspaper are self explanatory. The independence came at a cost because on 15th August 1947, India not only achieved independence but was also partitioned into two parts and which has proved to be the biggest historical mistake that our political leaders of that time committed. Two nation theory was considered as the basis of partition, where it was argued, that while Pakistan, as an Islamic Republic, will inhabit majority Muslims, India, as a secular state, will inhabit the rest of the non Muslim population, albeit,  with Hindu majority. But actually more Muslims stayed back in India than the sum total of the Muslims of East and West Pakistan.  The partition of India not only resulted into large scale bloodshed on both sides of the borders, dividing the two nations, but also created a dissatisfied and an unstable small nation on its western as well as eastern flanks as west and east Pakistan respectively, (though the eastern part of Pakistan got liberated later in 1971 and became an independent nation as Bangladesh). The dissatisfaction of Pakistan in its share after division was reflected by its claim over the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which had become integral part of India through accession by its ruler, like other numerous erstwhile princely states had done. Pakistan not only laid claims on the legitimate Indian territory but also launched an attack and captured a large chunk of Jammu and Kashmir which is now called Pakistan occupied Kashmir. That also resulted into three conventional wars between the two countries and since Pakistan met humiliating defeat in the later two wars it took a resolve to bleed India through a thousand cuts in the form of fomenting terrorism.This also gave the western countries, particularly America, an excuse, ostensibly, to prevent the two adversaries from fighting a nuclear war but actually, which served their own interests to maintain their dominance in the region.

Pakistan, instead of developing into a self sufficient responsible state, became a stooge of the western world, receiving trillions of dollars to help them fight terrorism. But actually instead of using that aid for its intended purpose, Pakistan used the same to run terrorist camps on its own land, primarily, with an aim to exporting terrorism not only into India, but also into other parts of the world.

To conclude i have nothing to say but quote a famous Urdu couplet :-

"यह वक़्त भी देखा है तारीख की घड़ियों ने 
   लम्हों ने खता की थी, सदियों ने सज़ा पाई" 

"Yeh waqt bhee dekha hai taareekh ki ghadiyon ne
Lamhon ne khata kee thee, sadiyon ne sazaa payee"

"The annals of history bear witness to the times when, for mistakes committed in moments, centuries had to pay the price"  

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BK Chowla, said...

A very happy independence day. I salute the Armed Forces who got this independence for us.
Now that we are independent, let us try and get freedom also.

Renu said...

Happy Independence day !!!

Balvinder Singh said...

Yes we must salute our Armed Forces for preserving our Independence. Thanks for the wishes and i wish u the same.

Renu thanks and same to u.