Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shabbash India

These pictures were taken during our recent visit to south India. You must be wondering that, while meeting with Mata Amritnandamai is fine, how come we met Mother Teresa, who has left for her heavenly abode since long. Hold your breath. These pictures are of wax idols at a museum located near Kanya Kumari (Cape Comorin). There are a number of wax statues of prominent figures including that of Amitabh Bachchan and Sadam Hussain in addition to some south Indian luminaries. While the museum may not be measuring upto the expanse and grandeur of Madam Tussaud of London, it certainly is an excellent attempt in that direction, particularly as far as putting life into the wax models is concerned. Have a look once again. 'Shabbash' India.
There are more pictures of our south India trip posted under the title 'The Garland Trip'

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Renu said...

I dont understand that when we have so good artists in India who could make a wax staue for roughly 3 lakhs ( as i read somewhere in the paper), why we are going to bring people from abroad for Madam tussad in India, as they will charge around 25 lakhs. Why not encourage our own people.