Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Recipe Gang

Recently a friend sent me a mail which was also addresed to all her contacts. She asked all of us to suggest some recipe and share it with the group. Very nice idea. She gave out a lip smacking one herself. After that some other recipes were also circulated and the chain is building up. While i thank her for considering me good cook but i could think of nothing else but the following. I have sent it to the recipe gang (the group who are sharing their recipes with one another). I thought of sharing it with the readers of my blog too.

Name of the dish:-

Sizzling Hot Glass of Water


200 ml of purified water of ambient temperature


Take a pan. Pour water in it. Light the heating appliance. Put the pan on the heat. Let the water come to a boil. Switch off the heat. Take off the pan. Pour the water back into the glass.

Your 'sizzling hot glass of water' is ready. This can be served in the following variants.

· Add some black tea leaves with milk and sugar (optional) and serve hot . It will have a rejuvenating effect

· Add some green tea leaves with a dash of fresh lime and sugar to taste and serve hot . Effect will be same as above with added benefit to the heart patients if used regularly for prolonged periods

· Add some coffee crystals with sugar and milk (optional) and serve hot . In addition to driving away the drowsiness, it will also sooth the nerves when your boss/spouse/children or any other creature in flesh and blood mount some kind of pressure on you.

· Add some honey and lime and serve hot. In addition to having refreshing effect it will also result into weight loss, if taken first thing in the morning for prolonged periods

· Add some coco powder with sugar and milk and serve hot. It will provide instant energy

· Add some brandy (cognac)and take after meals preferably at night. It is the best medical comfort used in cold areas. (We used to keep our medical officer in good humor to get regular 'medical comfort' prescriptions from him while serving at a remote post in Ladakh)

· Add some rum and jaggery/sugar and take before evening meals. (It is called a grog). It will clear the dust and pollution from your throat, particularly for the ones who are working or traveling in open dusty atmosphere. (During our winter exercises in the deserts of Barmer and Jaisalmer we had to traverse the inhospitable and immeasurable sand dunes whole day long and in the evenings we would have our throats choked with dust. Our Commanding Officer recommended that we should have a grog each before the meals. The officers started downing the grogs so regularly in the make shift officers mess set up in an EPIP tent, that the CO had to put a ban on officers taking more than one grog a day).

· Or just sip the hot water any time during day or night particularly half an hour before or after the meals. It will drain all the toxins from the system, dissolve the fat contents in the body and also act as laxative without any side effects.

Relish and enjoy.


Mampi said...

Loved this post about the recipe of preparing hot water. Would surely try most of them.

I guess I would be coming to your blog to read your other posts. Your blog sounds interesting.


Balvinder Singh said...

Thanks for the visit Manpreet. Your blog is really very interesting. The blog title reminds me of a gazal by Jagjeet : "Duniya jisey kahtey hain,
Jaadoo kaa khilona hai,
Mil jaye toh mittee hai,
kho jaye toh sonaa hai.

Please keep visiting".

Anonymous said...

hmmm... I know a tonne of ladies who love to bask in the glow of feigned pseudo-meal recipies... I guess we all love to exaggerate our cooking skills... hillarious post sir...