Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Quirky Side

I was tagged by Renu some time back and as per the rules i have to post my quirky side on my blog. I have taken some time to think of my quirks worth posting here, because it was difficult to make a choice to post some of the many which i have. So i decided to post the ones for which i have been regularly inviting the nags of my wife and kids. I may be able to get rid of them if i publish them here, perhaps. Because they say that if something is troubling you , just write your heart out. And what better place to write than one's blog. So here we go :-

1. Off late i have started following '
Gandhigiri' (you can read the post in my blog by the same title) and as a result, finding some one doing something wrong at a public place like asking for a bribe, throwing garbage, spitting, peeing etc i am tempted to deliver an instant moral lecture to the culprit on the disadvantages of such bad habits, while my folks try to pull me away from the spot.

2. Whenever my sons drive and i am sitting in the co-driver's seat, my left hand remains half risen from my lap, as a mark of a signal for him to drive slow, to which he hardly pays attention.

3. If i am asked to iron some dress by any one in the family who is getting late for some engagement, i take my own time doing it properly, crease by crease, sending the would be user of the garment into a fit of anxiety. My wife taunts me that i must have been a presswalah dhobi in my previous birth. "No", i tell her "i am a Virgo who are supposed to be near perfectionists" (though i am nowhere near perfection in any other field of work).

4. In a party of close like minded friends, i cannot stay without singing, regardless of the fact that my vocal chords are totally out of tune now. My kids later take me to task for doing that.

I will add more quirks later.

Edited to add

5. On the days of journey with the family members, I always insist on leaving home well in time to reach at least one hour in advance at the railway station and two hours at the airport just to keep enough cushion time to take care of traffic disruptions or vehicle breakdowns en route. That habit of mine really bugs my family members.


Renu said...

Nice to see your quirks !but for me they are very good qualities, and first one I share with you. But i am not a perfectionist, my husband is and so is my daughter.

Balvinder Singh said...

Thanks Renu. But i think one man's good quality is another one's quirk. In fact all those habits which i have mentined do give anxious moments to my immediate family members particularly my sons. They keep ticking me off for one thing or the other, terming it as old fashioned. May be the effect of fast track world of today :-))

Reflections said...

point no.2: My father was worse...he used to make me so mad me with his safety lectures

wow....on stage with Pancham da. Priceless.

enjoyed reading this:-D

Balvinder Singh said...

Thanks "reflections".
My safety lectures are meant for my sons only whereas i know that they both drive better than me. I have banged my car many a times particularly after coming to calcutta, (given its worst traffic sense). That is the very reason that i have included it in my quirks.

Oh yes, on stage with Pancham da was such a memorable experience. And sadly the great composer died shortly after that.

Anonymous said...

Reading points 2 & 5 remind me of my dad. very well written, quite funny too!