Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Most Loved Sibling

A post by a fellow blogger brought back some memories of my mother's peculiar habit of calling out the name of my eldest sister before actually pronouncing the name she wanted the attention of, out of four of us siblings. And i always got the impression that she loved her the most. After having grown up with that habit of my mom, i could only console myself with the thought that since she had already spent few years, calling my sister's name, before the rest of us blokes arrived in this world and in her life, so she was more habituated to calling the eldest one's name first. But on the other hand, my dad always called out the name of my youngest sister (darling of all of us) whenever he wanted something.


Reflections said...

My father was the same....he wd always call my name automatically even if he was calling my sister:-D
....even after I married & went away he still continued:-P. My sister used to get so irritated but I used to feel good:-D

Thanks for visitng:-)

Balvinder Singh said...

Thanks, 'reflections'.

As a child I always fought for my rights and strongly objected to my mother's prefrential treatment given to my eldest sister. But it all subsided with the passage of time. My sister still holds that rank in the family and after the demise of our parents she is parenting us even at this age.