Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Addictions

I have been tagged by Manpreet . The job is to post my five addictions on my blog (a highly top secret and a sensitive job). Since she has evoked the fauji spirit in me to carry out the given assignment urgently, i have put all other work on hold and got down to the job right away. After all, i represent a highly result oriented organisation that Indian Army is. Though i have been tagged earlier by Renu and Nancy, i have not fulfilled all the requirements of those tags. Renu asked me to post my quirky side and she and Nancy awarded me with BFFA (Blogging Friends Forever Award). I did write My Quirky Side and also displayed the BFFA award on my blog as per the tag rules, but i have partially violated the rules by not extending the tag to my fellow bloggers. I apologise for that. I would do that in due course. (let me share with you that Jeet is here with me at Calcutta for some time, who otherwise is continuing to stay at Delhi with kids, after my transfer to this place in 2005. She comes once in a while. Therefore the time is at extreme premium. I have even written a poem for her "तुम हो एक हवा का झोंका" in my other blog कल्पना की उड़ान ).

Again as per the rules of the present tag, Manpreet, please bear with me for further linking etc which may take some time. Now, let me carry out the main job first.

While i picked up the key board to type out my addictions, i stopped for a while and pondered over as to what addictions do i have. None, i suppose. But after a second thought i shortlisted certain habits which may not be called either addictions or quirks but those certainly are the ones without which some dearth is felt, some sense of incompleteness in my day to day life. So let me proceed :-

1. My daily four cups of tea ie., at 7 a.m. to start the day with, at 11 a.m. as an accelerator, at 3 p.m. to drive away the afternoon drowsiness and at 6 p.m. to unwind the day.

2. My morning newspaper must reach me before i sip the morning tea and i read the same up to the sports page in one go. And frankly speaking that is the only reading i do at present. I get damn ragged on the days when there are no newspapers, mostly on the days followed by national holidays.

3. Surfing the news channels on the TV along with the 6 p.m. cup of tea is a must. There is some times a fight for remote if Jeet or kids are watching something else. But TV people are wise enough not to telecast any ladies programme at that hour.

4. Work out from seven to eight in the evening from Monday to Friday. Please don't ask me that why not in the morning. I have had enough morning P.T. parades in the army and now the morning sleep has become very dear to me. Workout is generally a mix of Baba Ramdev routine and some sweating out on the treadmill.

5. And finally my weekend drink, at home or at the club or at a friend's place. In fact i go through the whole week just in a hope to break free on Friday evenings. But at the same time i don't even look at my drinks closet during week days, unless a friend walks in.
Edited to add
The above matter i had written yesterday. Now let me do the honours of extending the tag to
Joshi, Ashwani, Renu, Gurpreet, Nancy, Arti and Parry. Please guys and gals, don't let me down.

And let me also shake up
Chitra who generally goes into oblivion after writing a post. Chitra where are you.

Manpreet, task accomplished.

PS : I forgot to mention above that the persons who have been tagged have to link the blogger who tagged them and also extend the tag to five or more bloggers and link them too.


Renu said...

wow! so sweet of u to give undivided attention to ur wife:)
ur tea timings are same as mine:).
i will certainly take up this tag:)

my space said...

Thanks balvinder..give me day or so.. bahut Fauji hain aap..har cheez ka fixed samay..A friends Dad was in the army and have spent wonderful time with them..everytime I read ur blog I remember them all..the jawans,batman,mess, P.T., dances(may queen ball etc etc)

Mampi said...

Task wonderfully accomplished.
Not only are you a true fauji,
you must have been an excellent student, hehehe. Sorry for the delay in my response. I should have been the first one to come, but I was away too.
Loved reading about your addictions. And I see with satisfaction that you are spreading the tag-evil nicely. Hahaha.

J P Joshi said...

Hi, DCO - Duty Carried Out, although this was quite a revelation to get to know about myself. Never thought about addictions. So thank you for giving me a chance to scratch my ankles.

PS DCO is what you sign in the authorisation book (in the Air Force), after you have completed a sortie, as per briefing; otherwise you sign as DNCO Duty not carried out.

Inexplicably said...

LOl ! You'll make a liar out of me ! Will try and do the tag as honestly as I can.

That tricolor pic is awesome.

J P Joshi said...

How do you do these fancy tricks of linking??? Guess, you will have to teach me. Thanks.

Balvinder Singh said...

Hi JP :- Here are the dtails about creating links etc.

Open the desired blog. Click on the title in that blog of which you will like to creat link in your post. While it will start opening copy the URL from the address bar. Minimise all that has opened and now open your blog and go to write or edit post. Type the text which you want to link. Highlight it. Go to the top of this window where you will find letters b (for bold) i (for italics ) and T (for colour of the text) next to T there is a funny looking link icon. Click on that. a window will open and ask you the URL. paste that URL which you have earlier copied and click ok. the colour of the text so linked will change and will also get underlined which means that the text has been linked.
happy linking :-))

Renu, thanks, nice that we share the same tea timings, so at least tea at correct time will be guranteed if we meet sometime :-)) Yeah take your time.

Arti, relax, no hurries. fauj teaches you a lot. Particularly it prepares you to face any situation with the feeling that you have done that before. And also gives all the facilties to enjoy. I miss all that.

Manpreet, a true fauji but not that good a student. It all depended on who the teacher was. There was some times a fight amongst the teachers, one gorup calling me a good and obedient boy and the other a spoilt brat.

Gurpreet, thanks for responding. After your last warning that you were going to delete your blog i thought we will never hear from you again. Yes, honest confessions will make the exercise more worthwhile. I got the pic of the Tri Colour in my mail and considered it to be appropriate for the header.

Reflections said...

U r in top form:-D...all ur answers were great. Totally fauji-like with a dash of humour.
And ofcourse the Eternal Romantic who wrote a poem for his wife:-).

PARRY said...

Ouch! So I have been bitten by you this time. Wel wil do the tag Asap.
Nice to know your daily routinue habits.
But i bet there's still so much hiding in you which off and on reflects through ur poems.

Balvinder Singh said...

Parry, sorry for the bite, this is the first time that i have tagged some one.

i thank Manpreet that she asked me to post only five addictions.

Kuchh toh imagination key liye chhod dena chahiye.

Balvinder Singh said...

Nancy, thanks, yes i slip to the romantic side quite often. The tragedy is that my wife has not even read the poems that i have written for her.

Gazal said...

tea ...T.V...aur biwi..

so cute.

can relate to so many here.thanks to our fauji connection.

Balvinder Singh said...

Thank you Gazal. yes this fauji connection is really a unique one. One can relate to so many experiences. Keep in touch.

sansmerci said...

thanks balvinder .. i read ur blog often too .. will add u to my blogroll.. n yes its a very good exercise ... i hope u can take it up too .. wud love to read :)

i will blogroll you in my blog

Piper .. said...

hey I didnt know you`re an army officer! did you know i was in the Indian army for 6 and a half years?I quit last december. Yet another reason to follow your blog now :)

PARRY said...

Got time to do the tag and now its done. At last!

Balvinder Singh said...

Thanks Parry, at long last, but not the least. Your addictions sound like those of an intellectual's.

In fact liking to music , i share with you. Since i am staying alone here, i was without a TV for about a year and i would sing along while carrying out the household chores , much to the amusement of my neighbours. But my wife visited me and forcibly bought me a TV and my neighbours are complaining for not hearing my voice that often now.

Anand said...

Woopie..The first 4 looked like I was writing them. Tea and newspapers r smethings I can't live without.