Sunday, January 11, 2009

Murphy's Law

Lots of definitions have been given about Murphy's law. One such definition as given in Wikipedia is that "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way." There are many examples to explain the same but the most common and appropriate one i found is that " No sooner one's body comes in contact with the bath water, than one's phone bell starts ringing". Another one is that "The moment one's both hands are smeared with some mud, grease, dish washing soap, wet flour (atta dough) or any other such slimy material, the tip of one's nose is bound to itch".

Now let me share with you that how the Murphy's Law applies to me.

1. The day i forget to keep my driving license in the pocket, i would certainly drive into a no entry lane and bump into a traffic cop.

2. I always keep a small booklet in my pocket in which i have noted down many references, in addition to telephone numbers, like PIN, pass words, driving licence, passport, bank account numbers etc, etc and most of the times i don't need to refer to them. The day i forget to put the booklet in my pocket, some situation will definitely crop up that the booklet will be badly required for a reference.

3. During rainy season if i walk out, not bothering to take the umbrella, it will certainly rain and very heavily at that.

4. I generally keep some loose coins and small denomination notes in my wallet. Only on the days when i don't carry any loose change on me that the taxi driver or the shopkeeper simply won't break my hundred or five hundred rupee note.

5. Some time back my computer was placed a little away from my table in my office cabin and the telephones are lying on my main table. The moment i went and sat on the computer chair to do some work on my PC, one of the telephones would invariably start ringing. I have brought the computer table closer now.

6. I am bound to get a sneezing fit or catch cold the day i forget to put my handkerchief in my pocket. I would have to rush one of the office boys to buy one from the nearest pavement vendor or do that myself if not in the office.

7. I keep my pen in my breast pocket most of times. It's dire need will only arise when i forget to take the same and there is no one in sight possessing any. I have started keeping a pen in the glove compartment of my car.

8. While waiting on the traffic red light, the moment i turn off the engine to save fuel, the traffic lights will turn green.

9. Some colleague will always walk into my cabin, the moment i open my blog or some other such site. No one will ever bother to drop in when i work on Microsoft word, PowerPoint or Excel.

There are many more such examples and i may add them later, as and when i remember. But meanwhile let us find out from our blogger friends that what is their experience. No tags here. I believe in voluntary exercise which is always more fruitful.


Indian Home Maker said...

LOL :)

A cold or allergy the day there is no handkerchief at hand, applies to me. It has happened often enough for me to keep napkins in the car, all bags etc :)
So I have learnt that if I keep a hanky in hand, I will not catch a cold!

Renu said...

LOL:) true all of them, only yesterday i forgot my mobole, i needed it so much in the market , though my H was there with his cell.
It happens , i think with everybody..sab yahi kehte hain..roj to nahi karte hain aj hi kiya tha:)

Balvinder Singh said...

IHM thanks for the feed back. Yes i think that's a great idea not to catch cold ever.

Renu, yes i think every body faces some such situations in ones day to day life. It will be great idea to jot them down and i have taken the lead.

J P Joshi said...

So true!!! I am sitting in an internet cafe in Bangalore going through your post and my cell rings... a good friend from Mumbai calling out of the blue. The day i forget the car papers, the cops always seem to pounce... though i have always got away with the Retired Armed Forces Identity card. I always keep this handy in my wallet!!!

One day i had dinner in a restaurant...time to pay bill ...back wallet... managed to convince the manager that i would pay next day... he understood and agreed...must have been through the same predicament sometime. Many more like this ... will write a post on an incident when we got into a train without checking the name of the train and were on way to Deharadun from Ghaziabad instead of Kanpur.... got down at Meerut and backtracked to catch the CORRECT train next day.

Pinku said...

Has to be the case of my badly wanting to check mail and the office deciding that all mails will be out of reach...i.e. centrally those sites would be blocked.

Sadly today is such a day....can you imagine life without gmail???

thankfully atleast the blogger is still working.

Balvinder Singh said...

Joshi, that's great. Getting into the blogosphere in a cyber cafe. I did that during our shimla trip. I think blogging is becoming a passion with us. And that train incident... we will like to read it in your blog.

Pinku, so sad that you can't access your mail... courtsey, administrators. But good that the blog is opening.

How do we know said...


Usha Pisharody said...

Absolutely!!! Lol!

The day I desperately needed a breath of fresh air in the virtual world to help me cope with a viral in the real, the modem packed up. Me confined at home, and its only today, after hours of cold turkey, lol, that its ok now.. :)

I know, its such a darned nuisance, esp about the hankies.. :)

Nice post!

Balvinder Singh said...

"How Do We Know", i am very bad at such abbreviations. Please elaborate for me.

Usha, so sad your modem let you down on the the day of 'confinement to lines'(army lingo).


How do we know said...

Hi Balvinder: Roll on the Floor Laughing. :-)

Balvinder Singh said...

"How Do We Know" that's a great phrase. i am feeling pampered. Thanks.

Reflections said...

Ohhhh hilarious:-D....especially Point no.5 & 9.

And point no.8 used to happen with me also:-P.

Balvinder Singh said...

Nancy, in fact this telephone ringing at a time when i sat on the computer chair was so regular that it baffled me so much that i was about to call in the technical people to see if there is any connection between the chair springs and the telephone instruments. But then the calls used to be genuine and some times long distance ones. Thanks.

Mampi said...

Hahaha, the 9th one is really good.
I always used to be caught napping in my chair when Mahesh walked in my study room-this is during the days when I was writing my PhD thesis.

Balvinder Singh said...

Welcome back Manpreet. Badee der ton haa haa nahee see sunee blogosphere vich.

Nagesh said...

good post :)

the day when I forget my ATM card at home, makes me to beg some money from my colleagues :)

Balvinder Singh said...

Yes Nagesh , i think this law applies to every one in some form or the other at some point of time in daily grind.

Thanks for the visit.

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