Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Hairy Story

In my previous post (click here to read that) i had written about the story of my hair and how gradually i changed my appearance by removing or shortening my facial and skull hair, (sometimes even against the wishes of my near and dear). I had promised to post some of my photographs showing different stages of my facial hair.

So here are the pics. You can start from the bottom of the post for better assimilation. Feel free to comment please.

My recent photograph in the office lobby.

With Jeet on the ridge at Shimla 2008. No 'dadhee moochh' here please.

With Jeet on the ridge at Shimla, many years back.

With Jeet, Harpreet (my sister in blue Saree) and my two sons. And yes, that is Dharmender ji with us at one end. We were his guests at the marriage ceremony of his niece at his Juhu residence at Bombay.

Total change of appearance.

In Indian Army uniform.

The college days photograph. The beard had just started showing.

My first photograph


Monika said...

the bachpan ki photo looks the cutest

Anonymous said...

You look better without dadhi mooch!! The baby photo is cute!!!

And that's a picture with Dharmendra!! Wow :)

deep said...

recent and that of kid are the best ones...

J P Joshi said...

Agree with all the three previous comments. Yes, wow photograph with Dharmendra... same pind??

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

last 3 were really nice one.......last one is very cute...... :)

Who Knows? said...

wow.. loved each one of these pics.. all of them are very nice pics, but me loves the baby pic and the pic just in college.. there is a certain innocence about those times..

Balvinder Singh said...

Monika, I was told that when i was made to pose for the photograh which was the first one of my life, i got scared (as evident from my face in this pic)and then they gave me a toy aircraft to play and clicked another one. That other photo came up very well but i do not have it with me as some relative has filched it. I will try to dig it out and then post it here. I had lost the Dharmendra pic also and was successful in tracing it out with a distant relative during my last visit to Punjab.

IHM, so nice of you , i will tell that to my wife who always objects to my having moochhless face.

Deep, thanks.

JP, thanks, and no, Dharam bhaaji and me are not from the same village. Meeting Dharmendra and attending a marriage at his Juhu residence at Bombay is another story which i will write about when i come to my Bombay stay in the narration of the "Journey of my Life"

CYNOSURE : thanks

WHO KNOWS : Yes you are right. I wish the innocence could stay but all that is lost on the way as we advance through the life journey, thanks i tried to access your site but it is not opening.

Harpreet Kaur said...

No. 1 bachpan Wali,
No. 2 Army uniform & Innocent Sardar
No. 3 In Office lobby.
But for Me you are the best in all.

Ash said...

nice post sir, I really liked the army pic,the adolesence pic is also very expressive.

Madhu said...

Ooh...Aren't we looking handsome!!

BK Chowla said...

Best seems to be the one in Indian Army Uniform.

Reflections said...

Very interesting to view all the pics depicting ur journey thru life..

...must admit tht I'm partial to the last 3 pics;-D

sm said...

very nice pics
thanks for serving our country.
you may like this article

shail said...

Wow, Dharmendra!!
Interesting photo-blog showing the different hair-stages. I think you are well off without. :)

Balvinder Singh said...

Harpreet, tumharee pasand toh mujhe maloom hai, tumney hee toh bigaada tha Bombay mein merey hair style change kara kara ke.

Ashwani, yes i know your first love, Army and that too Dogra Regiment. Naturally number one.

Madhu, I was wondering no one called me that so far :-)) Thanks.

Mr. Chowla, yes, you are right in fact that is the photograph which i had sent to Jeet's parents before we met.

Nancy, partiality granted. Thanks.

SM, thanks , yes i read the post on your blog. Very informative. Though, just rushed through, but will get back there later. Have blogrolled you for that purpose.

Shail, thanks for supporting me. I need to show it to Jeet. And pic with Dharmendra, yes i will write about that some time later. It is another interesting story.

Annie said...

Hey Balvinder ji,


I think no one can ever beat a man in uniform or Kalaf (starch) walli Kurta Shalwar...

it just never gets old :)

Balvinder Singh said...

Annie, thanks yeah, generally donning military uniform is the dream of every young boy. But in today's world of lucrative job opportunities, the dream gets lost somewhere along the journey of life. But my dream of putting on the Army uniform came true for me.

Yes, the age is in the mind and one is as old as one thinks. I read some more posts on your blog. The flow of your thoughts keeps one gripped on to the reading. Keep it up.

My best wishes.

Anonymous said...

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Look at me I'm posting comments. Feels good, I hope my ramblings don't get removed by the admins :)

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Anonymous said...

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