Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Ode to ND Tiwari

I got it in my mail, and about the author i am not aware,
This kind of a wit should not be deleted without being shared.

So let me share it with you all (with due credit to its unknown author) :- 

Your Sexcellency Mr. Ex- Gov
Your name has become a joke because of your act of 'love'. 

Sordid details of your nocturnal capers 
Have appeared in all the national newspapers.

I see no reason why you, they so berate, 
When you were just conducting the 'affairs' of state.

Alas the Gov's post, with its proppery and pomp
Strictly forbids even a clandestine romp.

And you so carelessly went on a spree,
Not with one or two, but an unforgivable three!

Night watchman in cricket , 'tis all part of the game,
At your age your deed is hardly a matter of shame.

(Other guvs, so dull, their posts they doth mock, 
Most cannot hear, some can barely walk.) 

In fairness, all should give you a big hand,
But your bosses took an uncompromising stand.

'Tis unfair when your performance so grand,
Should merit an applause and not a reprimand.

Unfortunately, the high command took a strong line,
When you should have got away with just a small fine.

Yes old man, despite the taunts and the jeers,
I applaud you expansively and say "three cheers" 

Rohit Shekhar now says that he is your son,
I know, I know, 'tis easier said than done.

Say it proudly, old man, or would you rather
Deny that you are his biological father?

Videos! - crass weapons, capturing the morbid sleaze,
Just 'cause you went back on a promised mining lease,

And the women, thus cheated, did a harsh sting,
And got you filmed in an un-governor-like fling.

Cameras are deadly weapons - an undisputed fact,
They aim, they shoot each and every act.

Defamation charges, rightly, you declined to press,
I understand, why further stir that mess?

Cheers your 'high'- ness, to you I raise a toast:
They will soon fit you in some other suitable post.


deep said...

..lolzz they are shameless creatures..
anyways did you see that problem in my blog roll regarding your blog is resolved.. :P i was right about its remedy.. :)

BK Chowla, said...

What can one say about such stinkers.
This man has been known for his adventures earlier too,but he is a loyalist of the family,hence has been accommodated.
I f he has any shame left,he must quit public life and should never be seen again.

Anonymous said...

The last line sums it up!

And it's not his age but his devotion to duty that is disappointing.

Balvinder Singh said...

Deep, yes shameless is too mild a word for these creatures. Good that the blogroll problem is resolved. You had guessed right.

Mr. Chowla, These people never retire from politics. They know that once out of public life they will be as good as dead. And their bosses have to accommodate them because they know lots of secrets of the party politics.

IHM, yes the last line is the catch. Shivraj Patil was removed from Home under public and media pressure after 26/11. Well he is Punjab Gov now. Same time Deshmukh was removed from CM (maha), he is the union cabinet minister now. All these people are in the same league. The rot runs much deeper than what meets the eye. The difference is between getting caught or not.

How do we know said...

ha ha ha ha ha.. Bahut sahi hai!!!

shail said...

Yes, a witty one, but makes one sad that it is so true!!

J P Joshi said...

"At your age your deed is hardly a matter of shame"......

Renu said...

I still cant believe that it is true...and I dont have any respect for that women or her son who make realktions with such people and then want to extort money or benefits..both are shameless.

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

hahaha...witty...but true about these shameless people.....lets see what's next?????...lolzzz.......

Balvinder Singh said...

HDWK, yes bilkul sahee kahaa

Yes Shail, the truth sometimes makes one sad, particularly when the truth is this shameless.

JP, his counterparts much youger to him must be feeling jealous of him for having achieved this feat in his age.

Renu , but i don.t see any fault of the illegitimate son or the girls who have just laid bare the misdeeds of our high and mighty.

CYNOSURE, u are right we have to wait and watch with our fingers crossed, that what next falls out of the cupboards of our dirty politicians.

Renu said...

Its the same as a poor child has to face poverty and rich enjoy the riches of their has to bear whatever one's parents give.