Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who is a Terrorist ??

Who is a terrorist?

I picked up this definition from wordnet
" terrorist (a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities).

But what i understand from the term "terrorist" is:-

"the one who spreads terror or terrorises the common public or the administrative machinery by resorting to violent means, acting himself or through the organised groups, consisting of his followers to achieve any motive -- linguistic, religious, political or just ideological."
Some of our politicians have terrorized people of our nation any number of times, resulting into loss of life and property. Every time the whole lot of police and some times paramilitary forces and even the Army has to be deployed to save common man from this type of  terror. The citizens are not as much scared of bomb blasts or gun attacks, as of the goons of these terror mongering political parties.
These political, religious or ideological terrorists are more dangerous because they are not only constantly present in the midst of us, but they also have the support of the perverts in the society and some times even of the governmental machinery.  They don't have to cross any borders, or smuggle any weapons. They just activate their sleeper cells at regular intervals and keep creating havoc amongst the public from time to time at the slightest pretext, some time just to gain one up man ship against their political rivals or against the break away group of their own party. But the one who gets terrorised is the common man. The property that gets damaged belongs to the public. They not only disturb the peace and harmony of the society and spoil the nation's image in the eyes of the world but also give a chance to the nation's external enemies to encash the disturbed law and order situation and further disrupt the country's stability and progress.

Shouldn't the leaders of these political terrorist groups be put behind bars ???


BK Chowla, said...

Political terror grroups should be put behind bars.
But who will do it?
Do they have the political will?

J P Joshi said...

Agree with you completely. "Shouldn't the leaders of these political terrorist groups be put behind bars ???" Yes, but like Chowla ji says, "who will do it".

It is high time now that our system changes.. change is normally initiated by leaders..but in our case, we elect these scoundrels and they lead us in the wrong direction. So, what is the answer. We, the people of India have to realise that the only people who lose out are the common people and the nation... none of these goons get affected.

We the 'aware' citizens, need to change (we need to vote - Mumbai's voting %age was pathetic last time, inspite of a holiday for the organised labour force, i.e. us folks, on that day), and we need to educate people less fortunate than us( the actual voter class) so that they begin to see the light. Nation building never comes easy... everyone has to pitch in, the onus is more on the 'aware' citizens to lead. Even if one is not inclined to join politics, and loves what one does for a living.. we can all change the mindsets of the voting class who come in contact with us at work, at home or at any other venue. I believe change has to start with oneself, because that is the simplest(???) and easiest (???) thing to do.

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

It's right that they should be stopped but the main matter of concern is that they are themselves the ruling power and we ourselves chose them to rule over who will stop them????? They make laws of their own and we have made them eligible to do so.....

In-fact, why do we need a ruler to rule over us????? Are we no more civilized or there is some other reason like we can't keep ourselves organized????

Sneha said...

These terror mongering political groups should be subjected to Taliban style justice. As imprisonment has not proved effective against these people.

sm said...

nice article
in the past I have written complete article regarding this, you may like to read it and provide me with your frank opinion. below is the link

Chandrika Shubham said...

I agree with u, its the common man who suffers the most.

Balvinder Singh said...

Yes Mr. Chowla, there sheer lack of political will amongst the ruling party. What has happened at Pune is the result of diversion of attention of security machinery towards the petty gimmicks of political parties.

JP, yes the system has to change, but even in bombay, the voters have now brought in Raj thakerey who is much more communal and venomous than his uncle.

If during elections, only the slum dwellers and a few celebrities go to cast their votes this is what will happen to the country.

CYNOSURE, yes, though the democracy is called by the people, for the people and of the people but people are first victim of the misrule in a democracy. The minister who chose to speak to people on twitter was asked to shut up. God knows when the system will change. These politicians keep multiplying like 'raktabeeja' demon and are going to eat up the country one day.

Sneha, you are right , simple imprisonment for these politicians is like a second home where they feel safer than their own home.

SM, thanks for the link , i will read that.

Chandrika, yes, though the governments keep harping on the welfare of the common man but actually their policies are all meant to inconvenience the common man only.

Madhu said...

I concur with everything you just said Balvinder. Its saddening to think that we (Indians) do not realize that our enemy would be waiting for a chance where the police are diverted to execute...well, what they had executed in Mumbai and Pune.

Darn, we don't even have the courage to put Kasab to sleep, what action will we take against a Political party in question!?!

Balvinder Singh said...

Madhu, you are right, when Kasab had confessed to his crime in the court room, it was rejected on some technical ground, and now that he has retracted from his confession, he is being accused of misguiding the prosecution. This is just to prolong the proceedings. Afzal Guru has been sentenced to death since long but no one seems to be taking any action in that regard. Some of the politicians are supporting the cause of Naxalites who are carrying out brutal killings.

In our country politics is supreme.

Anonymous said...

You touched a chord. Last year I was affected by the Mangalore attack on women because of all the same reasons.

The most dangerous terror is the one that finds supporters from amongst the victims :( Or from the common citizen or the government :(

Anonymous said...

You touched a chord. Last year I was affected by the Mangalore attack on women because of all the same reasons.

The most dangerous terror is the one that finds supporters from amongst the victims :( Or from the common citizen or the government :(

Balvinder Singh said...

IHM, yes last year the Ram Sene terrorised the innocent pub goers and then Muthalik met his fate by getting his face blackened by the people. people of bombay have also shown Thakereys their place. But it is the administration that is failing the citizens by remaining silent spectators to the antics of these terror mongers.

P4ND3Y said...

Yes there is indeed a big issue here. Those who are resorting to such acts, politicians and the Maoists equally should be put behind the bars (so they can enjoy their drinks and keep their mouths shut).
But the problem is more radical. The government has failed to recognise the problems of the people and worked as autocrats and totalitarians throughout the majority of the last six decades. They don’t try to talk to oppositions, the lathi charge and similar things on the protest march for fuel hike are the latest examples. There may be logic behind the fuel hike but why doesn’t government go public illustrating that logic.
The oppositions were wrong at many of the fronts but government have failed them equally. Wo chote baacho ka khel yaad hai aapko, when a big bully (the person in power) teases a powerless small child, the child starts sulking. Bully keeps teasing, the child starts crying. Bully keeps teasing; the child picks up a stone and hit it on the head of the bully. I know these people are no kids but dil to baccha hai jeee....
Logon ki bahut sari vichardharein hoti hai... main to itna hi nivedan karna cahta hoon ki agar koi congressii vichardhara ka nahin hai to ya to use goli mar do ya jeene do... til til karke marne se wo fat sakta hai...

Balvinder Singh said...

Piyush, thanks for giving a different opinion. You have put in a very good analogy of bully harrasing the feeble powerless child. But there the child first sulks, then cries and then hits the head of the bully with the stone and not the heads of the other feeble children suffering like him at the hands of bully. Here these politician-cum- terrorists wait for slightest provocation to hit each and every passerby even when the bully watches with a grin. When the helpless and the feeble child (opposition) himself was given a chance to rule the country, he remained busy in his own infights, thus neglecting the common man. I am no fan of congress nor of any other political party, but the very fact that one party is ruling with high headedness is because there is no strong opposition which is the strength of any democracy.